Sultry, sensual and powerful, LOST APRIL is encompassed all that.
From day to night, LOST APRIL provides romantic and bewitching styles for the modern women.
The brand has stood as a wearable interpretation of attainable style for all occasions.


1250°C is our coveted TENCEL brand, and is for women seeking simplicity and comfort in their wardrobe.
Inspired by the optimal temperature of a klin baking beautiful pottery, 1250°C takes on the task of creating the perfect garment, with the perfect material.
TENCEL is 100% biodegradable, extremely versatile, soft absorbent, durable and an ECO FRIENDLY.
The TENCEL we use in the 1250°C collection showcases interesting and diverse ranges of wash, color and tones. 
Basics are the staple of any great wardrobe.
Always and Forever provides every fashioistas' must-haves; perfect for dressing up or down.
These versatile pieces can be worn to look put together, laid-back, or sexy all based on your individual style.
Whether you're in the mood to relax at home or grab a quick drink with your friends, a basic shirt is all you need to feel and look comfortable in any setting.
Always and Forever designs are dedicated to the ones who are never out of style.


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