Our Brand

 Established in 2009 at the heart of Los Angeles' Fashion District, Naked Zebra embodies the spirit of embracing individuality and authenticity. We passionately celebrate women's confidence and uniqueness through our stylish and playful designs and colors. Our meticulously crafted garments effortlessly blend sophistication with ease, youthful daring with self-assured allure, resulting in a harmonious expression of modern femininity.


Our People

 At Naked Zebra, we adhere to a commitment to quality that sets us apart from the fast fashion industry. Our team never takes any shortcuts, ensuring that each piece becomes a timeless addition to any wardrobe. We place our customers' voices at the forefront, proactively seeking inspiration and feedback from our community, all with the aim of surpassing their expectations by delivering delightful surprises.


Our Customer

 At Naked Zebra, our customers are a diverse tapestry of modern women who radiate confidence and embrace their unique individuality. While personal style holds significance for them, they aren’t confined by prevailing trends. Our clothing resonates with their journey, empowering them to feel confident, beautiful, and authentically themselves.